Thursday, July 1, 2010

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Crisp, sticky, from the beach, we drove. We had played a game with a ball where we'd take turns imagining it was the head of someone we hated, explaining why they were so detestable and what punishment they would receive, and performing that punishment in pantomime to it. I deemed it a worthy therapeutic tool and we had nearly split our sides listening to eachother's creative punishments for these evil-doers who we all knew.

I dazed, watching Him from the back seat, smelling His salty skin, being so close and listening to his voice, lilting, cheerful, and sure. I closed my eyes and breathed deep. We stopped and bought hot garlic bread.

Then we were home playing video games. I was on the couch looking at Him-the creator of all my happiness-wishing that we were immortal.

"Marguerite" - Made In Heights

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